The Gear I Completed Minecraft Dungeons on Apocalypse With

The poor little Arch-Illager didn’t mean it.

Minecraft Dungeons has only came out recently but yesterday I beat it on Apocalypse mode, which is the hardest mode in the game. If you look below you can see the character setup that I used.

Character Build

Level: 62
Power: 94

The Last Laugh
“Strange, distorted laughter seems to whisper from these menacing looking sickles.”
Power = 94
Damage = 389-907
Special = Mobs drop more emeralds.
Trait = Dual Wield
Enchantments = Critical Hit (Powerful) Tier III, Radiance (Powerful) Tier III, and Shockwave (Powerful) Tier III.

Splendid Robe
“The distinguished Splendid Robe is worn by the hardened Illager warriors who protect the Arch-Illager.”
Power = 95
Health = +3366
Traits: +50% artefact damage, -25% artefact cooldown, +30% melee damage.
Enhancements = Burning (Common) Tier III, Deflect (Common) Tier III, and Potion Barrier (Common) Tier III.

Purple Storm
“Named the Purple Storm after its lovely hue, this legendary bow packs a powerful punch.”
Damage = 465-698
Special = Increased Fire Rate.
Enhancements = Ricochet (Common) Tier II, Chain Reaction (Powerful) Tier II, Accelerate (Common) Tier III

Love Medallion
“A spell radiates from this trinket, enchanting those nearby into a trance where they must protect the holder of the medallion at all costs.”
Power = 93 (Common)

Fireworks Arrow
“The explosive power of the TNT combined with the high velocity movement of an arrow – what could possible go wrong?”
Power = 94 (Common)

Ghost Cloak
“The souls trapped within the Ghost Cloak are protective, but they radiate a sense of melancholy.”
Power = 94 (Common)

The most important item to beat the last two bosses (Arch-Illager and the Heart of Ender) is your bow, so having a good one that hits quickly will make it easier. Make sure you have at least 200 arrows and when you get to the boss stay at a distance and use your bow constantly.

I have enjoyed playing Minecraft Dungeons and still looking forward to seeing more about what they will add in DLC. I still intend to play the game and make a guide for it, if a lot smaller in scale than I originally planned. I have also nearly got 100% of all the achievements, and just need five more levels to gain, so their is still more to do.

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