Necromunda: UW Ops – Uprising Campaign: Intro and Op #1

A tale of mind controlling machines, murderous gangs, and a Hive called Crock.

This feature is a record of my gang’s campaign for Necromunda: Underhive Wars as it completes operations and grows in power. The goal is to eventually overthrow House Orlock the rulers of Hive Crock. My gang are called the Riveters and this post is the introduction and first operation of my Necromunda: Underhive War Ops – Uprising Campaign.

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Black Lives Matter and So Do These 13 Issues

Rest in peace all people who have died needlessly.

I am sure you have noticed the massive protests that have been happening around many cities and towns of America, Europe, and many other countries after the shameful killing of George Floyd. These type of events aren’t uncommon in America or around the world, and probably won’t be the last. This one has felt a bit different, as it more than ever united disgust by all and want for change, regardless of their background and race.

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King Toko Game of the Year 2019 (GOTY) Awards

All the games that survived 2019.

It’s nearly the end of 2019 but before it ends I have once again assembled my Game of the Year list. 2019 wasnt the most memorable year for games, while there was some interesting games like Disco Elysium, Pathologic 2, Resident Evil 2, and Control it still had the usual big budget games that were mostly average. I played a few games this year mostly thanks to Xbox Games Pass, and from returning to old games. Many of the best games I played this year missed the cut off point and will likely feature in my Game of the Year 2020.

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Good Game: The Godfather (PS2)

Another Good Game

Today its The Godfather a 2006 open world action-adventure game developed by Page 44 Studios and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 2 (PS2). It was later ported to the PlayStation Portable as The Godfather: Mob Wars, Xbox 360 as The Godfather, Wii as The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, and PlayStation 3 as The Godfather: The Don’s Edition.

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Good Game: Full Throttle (DOS)

Another Good Game

Today its Full Throttle a 1995 graphic adventure game developed and published by LucasArts for MS-DOS (DOS). It was Tim Schafer’s first game as project lead and head writer and designer, after having worked on other LucasArts titles including The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, and Day of the Tentacle.

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