Minecraft Dungeons Upcoming DLC News

Enter the woods to bring them all together.

Minecraft Dungeons the latest entry in the Minecraft franchise developed by Mojang Studios, Double Eleven, and published by Xbox Game Studios has already got upcoming DLC announced. The first DLC is called Jungle Awakens and the second DLC will be Creeping Winter.

Owners of the Hero Edition will get the two upcoming DLC for free but they will be available to buy separately or you can pay to get the upgrade pass for £9.99.

Jungle Awakens

The first DLC is coming in July and will feature three jungle missions, and new enemies just as the Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie, and Poison Quill Vine. There will also be new weapons, armour, and artefacts.

Creeping Winter

The second DLC which currently doesn’t have a release date by will likely be out in autumn, will feature snow peaks, and other snowy landscapes. It will also likely include new items.

Finally the team has also announced is working on cross-platform play functionality and new free content for all owners Minecraft Dungeons.

This all sounds pretty interesting, and might get me to buy the Hero Edition. I hope they have a more long term plan for the game as it has potential for a long lifespan if properly supported.

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