Minecraft Dungeons is Available

There is something about seeing old games try new genres that is good.

Minecraft Dungeons the latest entry in the Minecraft franchise came out yesterday. The game is developed by Mojang Studios, Double Eleven, and published by Xbox Game Studios for all current generation platforms.

The game is a Diablo-like dungeon crawler except this game is more aimed at families with a focus on depth and not difficulty. I would say that they have failed in that in some regards as the game is arguable not very deep and maybe to difficulty for non-gamers and young children, especially on the harder game modes. The game has a tutorial but doesn’t explain much or even mention important things like the ability to roll, or the enchantment and salvage system (unless I forgot). If you are young or never played a game before you would have no idea what you were doing.

Minecraft Dungeons Launch Trailer.

The game is available on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch for £16.74 and £24.99 for the Hero Edition (The Hero Pass includes a Hero Cape, two player skins and a chicken pet. It also includes two DLC packs, when they become available). The good thing is that if you have Xbox Game Pass the game is included with it.

It’s worth mentioning that there is some DLC already available for the game that our included with the Hero Edition or can be bought separately for £9.99. The Island Realms DLC is coming soon and will include the Islands Map and two new adventures. I suspect that Hero Edition owners will get this for free.

I haven’t played Minecraft for about five years or more but I have been enjoying the game quite a bit. It really helps if you know the game and its world, seeing Creepers and Zombies from a different perspective gives me a warm feeling inside. It’s defiantly meant to be played with four players but is fun whatever the number count. You can easily complete the story in a few hours and get to the hardest difficulty with not much effort either.

I would recommend you play it, especially if you have Xbox Game Pass, but I am not sure if you should pay full price for it. For example I bought Grim Dawn with all DLC recently for less than Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition and that game has loads more content. The game kind of makes me want to play Minecraft again.

I am going to make a guide for Minecraft Dungeons with all the loot, levels, enemies etc. so look out for that in the near future.