Entertainment Out This Week: Green Book Edition (10/06/19)

A fascinating look at the tour taken by jazz pianist Don Shirley and Frank Vallelonga he’s driver and bodyguard .

All the new entertainment (Games, DVDs, and Blu-Ray) that will be out and available this week (10/06/19 to 15/06/19) in most stores near you (England).

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Everything from the Google Stadia Connect [Updated!]

It’s good to see more companies in games even if Google are just trying to cash in on it.

Google Stadia, the upcoming cloud gaming service has had a lot of its details from its incoming press conference leaked. These include the price, release date, and game roster. I won’t need to watch it now, and you won’t need to either.

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All the Information and More from the Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct

The age old debate of who would win in a fight: a Sword or a Shield?

A little earlier Nintendo and the Pokémon Company posted a fifteen minute broadcast about their upcoming Pokémon games. The video revealed several new Pokémon, some new mechanics like “Dynamaxing” which are sort of like Mega Evolutions but the Pokémon involved don’t evolve and instead become huge, and a lot more.

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GOG.com: 2019 DRM-Free Summer Sale is Available. Also Get Obduction for Free

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations. She’s giving me excitations. I’m pickin’ up good vibrations.

The people over at GOG.com have started their 2019 Summer Sale which they are calling the Summer Festival Sale and it will last for about two weeks. Apparently there are over 2000 games on sale with up to 90% off and they are also giving away the adventure and Myst inspired Obduction for free for next two days.

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Death Stranding Trailer and Release Date

Hideo Kojima’s remake of Die Hard was an interesting take on christmas.

Death Stranding the upcoming game by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions’ was livestreamed for about twenty-four hours and after that amount of time not much new information was revealed about the game, which at this point has remained mainly unknown.

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