Crusader Kings III Release Date, Game Information, and Thoughts

It’s definitely one good looking strategy map game.

Paradox Interactive have announced the release date for their third game in the Crusader Kings franchise. It will be released on the 1st September on PC, and will be available in all the normal store fronts such as from Steam and Paradox Interactive’s own web store.

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I’m pickin’ up good vibrations. She’s giving me excitations. I’m pickin’ up good vibrations.

The people over at have started their 2019 Summer Sale which they are calling the Summer Festival Sale and it will last for about two weeks. Apparently there are over 2000 games on sale with up to 90% off and they are also giving away the adventure and Myst inspired Obduction for free for next two days.

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Mordhau are Banning Players [Updated!]

Look at this jumbled mess. It’s like being Terminator but lame.

One of the people involved announced recently on the Mordhau Steam forums that the developers Triternion are banning players they believe are “using 3rd party cheat software at any time since release”. Some players have already started complaining of being unfairly banned.

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Mordhau Guide: Tips and Tricks

A bunch of tips to make playing Mordhau more fun.

Mordhau like Mount & Blade: Warband and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare before is a multiplayer medieval combat game where you can create sour own mercenary and fight in visceral battles in various game modes. These are all tips and tricks for the Frontline mode but can be used in most of the other game modes as well.

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