Crusader Kings III Release Date, Game Information, and Thoughts

It’s definitely one good looking strategy map game.

Paradox Interactive have announced the release date for their third game in the Crusader Kings franchise. It will be released on the 1st September on PC, and will be available in all the normal store fronts such as from Steam and Paradox Interactive’s own web store.

I am a big admirer of Paradox Development Studio and the games they make. If you have visited my site in the eight years since Crusader Kings II first came out, you will notice that I mentioned it a lot, and for good reason it is an excellent game.

The studio have really corned the map painting gaming sector. While also bringing these simple games on paper to life with multiple little nuances and additions that give most of their games an easy learning curve but with a lot of depth.

You can buy the Normal Edition for £41.99 and the Royal Edition for £57.99 and it includes a vague Expansion Pass. The Expansion Pass will be available separate and will cost about £29.99.

If you per-order the game you get “Garments of the Holy Roman Empire.” Which are some clothes to customise your ruler with. Unsurprisingly with the use of a 3D engine and a focus on characters expect more DLC in the form of cosmetics this time around.


Crusader Kings III Gameplay.

Crusader Kings III Story Trailer.

Crusader Kings III Features:

  • Character Focused Gameplay
    Every character you play or interact with has their own unique personality. Events and options in the game are largely determined by the type of person you are.
  • Infinite Possibilities
    Play as any noble house from Iceland to India, Finland to Central Africa over five centuries. Interact with wandering guests, stubborn children, devious spymasters and saintly holy men in an elaborate tapestry of medieval life.
  • Waging War
    Rally your vassals and raise your men-at-arms to besiege enemy castles or put down rebellions. Personal prowess on the battlefield can win you great honour, but strategic planning is the path to victory.
  • Royal Marriages
    Spread your dynastic DNA throughout the world, stamping your royal seal on the crests of kingdoms and duchies far and wide. Marry for power and raise children to press claims on new lands.
  • Saints and Sinners
    Keep faith with your religious leaders or perform great crimes in the interest of the state. When the going gets tough, you can always embrace a heresy or craft a new religion more in line with your character’s priorities.
  • Schemes and Skulduggery
    Learn the secrets of your courtiers and vassals so you can blackmail them for their support. Seduce your way into a superior’s good books, or plot the untimely demise of an unfortunate relative.
  • Events Inspired By History
    Experience great holy wars, peasant revolts, cadet branches of dynasties, heretics, superstition, castles, knights and wars over inheritance.
  • 3D Character Portraits
    Characters age and change appearance as their traits take a toll on their body. The higher the rank, the fancier the clothing.
  • And much more
    Holy Orders, mercenaries, pagan and Viking raiders, easily customized rule sets and a beautiful new map to play on.

The developers have took all that made Crusader Kings II good and ported it into Crusader Kings III but beware that not all old DLC will be present in the new game. For example Nomads and Merchant Republics won’t be available at launch. This is a common practice when developers develop game sequels. If you want a modern example of this look at Civilization VI compared to Civilization V. This wont mean there wont be future DLC that adds similar things that were present in the past but expect them to be different in nature and feel.

Future DLC

The Expansion Pass for the game has already outlined three and one bonus DLC coming to the game.

  1. Fashion of the Abbasid Court = I expect Islamic clothes, and hairstyles (bonus to Expansion Pass owners).
  2. First Flavour Pack = I expect this to add new cosmetics like clothes, shields, units, and possibly new events (focused on a theme or a region. Cost about £4.99).
  3. First Major Expansion = I expect this to add a big focus on character interaction. Like with the old society system from Monks and Mystics (larger expansions with content and mechanics to expand and enrich your experience. Cost about £24.00)
  4. Second Flavour Pack = I expect this to add new cosmetics like clothes, shields, units, and possibly new events once again (focused on a theme or a region. Cost about £4.99).


As I have said I am fan of the Crusader Kings series and Paradox Development Studio in general so I am looking forward to the game but I am undecided whether you should pre-order the game or buy at launch. I despise modern pre-orders as it’s unnecessary with digital products. Its not like they are going to run out of Steam keys. It also costs a lot of money for a game. While games normally cost upwards to £50 on consoles, you expect that on PC it be cheaper. Also as I have gotten older I have become more concerned on the amount I spend on games and similar entertainment products, especially with services like Microsoft’s Game Pass that offers tons of games to play for a fraction of the price. Another sticking point for me is Crusader Kings II exists, is free, often on sale, and in most regards the same as Crusader Kings III so you can only be disappointment with it’s sequel in some respects. The new game does look gorgeous and reminds me a lot of The Sims. Maybe that is a good thing?

That being said Crusader Kings III will launch day one on Game Pass so you don’t even need to spend much to decide if you want to invest in the game. I trust that Crusader Kings III will launch fine and be highly playable but once again with these games you might want to wait a few months or even years for a more fulfilling experience.

One last thing over on Steam at the moment they are having a sale so you can get Crusader Kings II and other games by PDS for little money. They have some good stuff out there so take a look. It ends on the 18th May 2020.