Aperture Sciences Christmas Security Video Shows Hidden Portal 2 Secrets

Happy <Christmas>...

I went on the Aperture Science’s website just for fun earlier and it shows footage of a Christmas decorated room from a security camera. I’m sure most people have already seen this and when I did originally I never really thought much about it. But I noticed the two socks and the Portal 2 cubes on the Christmas tree so I thought I should watch it a while to see if anything unusual happens. From what I noticed there are two security tapes which both show a Christmas greeting at the end and play a Christmas Portal theme song.

Read more to see the various clues for Portal 2 contained within the videos.

The first ones shows a decorated room with not much going on:

Looks innocent enough.


  • Christmas tree decorated with special cubes. These are the cubes seen in Portal 2 that manipulate the direction of beams.
  • The Cake and companion cube will probably make a return in Portal 2.
  • Hidden gun turret behind cubes which both are in Portal 2.
  • Theres two Christmas socks/stockings on the fire-place. Two socks likely refer to Portal 2 or the fact that you can play as two different characters in co-op, P-body and ATLAS.
  • Above the fire-place shows a sign for Father Christmas. He would have a surprise going down that chimney, getting burnt that is.

The video goes on to show this:

Some weird robot type thing in the left hand corner...


  • In the left corner of the video it shows a small glowing object. It looks like a type of robot and could be ATLAS or P-body from portal 2 hiding.
  • The walls look like they are padded or bolted together like something you might see in Portal 1 and Portal 2.

The second security video is more rare and interesting, it doesn’t always show. Why is it interesting? Well sometimes the security video stops now again so it seems like somethings wrong and it also shows this:

Woah that's P-body!


  • You see a robots arm then when the camera turns more to the left you see P-Body from Portal 2 looking straight at the camera.
  • Sometimes the camera freezes on P-body’s face or arms so its kind of scary in a way.
  • Now the room makes more sense it looks like P-Body and ATLAS are celebrating Christmas or something. P-Body looks like its mad or happy at us, its hard to tell.

Anyway that’s some Portal 2 related things I noticed on the Aperture Science’s christmas security video. I’m not sure anyone else noticed because I tried looking it up and found nothing so I hope you found it interesting.

I’m hungry… I need cake.

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