Game Developers Choice Award Nominees Announced

Video game awards.

The finalists for the 12th annual Game Developers Choice Awards have been announced.

The winners will be announced at the Game Developers Conference on 7th March. The awards contain ten categories with Bastion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim likely to do well. I have also added my predictions for who I think will win.

Read more to see the nominees.

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Portal 2 Visual Comparison Between PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Everyone loves visual comparisons.

These are three images of Portal 2. They are all of the same scene but each one is for a different platform, either PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. I have done a score for what I think of the image and put them in order of best. This is just for fun it doesn’t affect how fun the game is for each platform. They are all visual similar with PC being the best, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 being the worse.

Click read more to see all three images.

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My Opinion: Portal 2 Is Now Available

Are we friends? ...No cube we are not.

In case anyone has forgotten Portal 2 is now available. Its been getting good reviews even though a lot of its players have been complaining that the PC version is a console port, it’s too short (less than 3 hours) and that it has day one DLC, all of which isn’t true.

The GLaDOS mini game was basically pointless because it got the game released early but only by a few hours so some people might see it has a rip off especially if they bought those indie games just to help get Portal 2 released early. Of course most of those indie games where good by themselves but you shouldn’t feel that you have to buy them for another game, this means those games weren’t being enjoyed on their own merits.

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Like Portal? Find Out Your Aperture Science Cooperative Testing Type Here. Contains Cake

Its time to become insane and have fun with science.

Welcome, test subject, to the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test. With just a few short questions, this test will determine your personality-driven test resolution type, allowing you to further the cause of science with a compatible test subject.


The following personality test was developed by Aperture scientists in the late seventies as a way to determine test subject compatibility for cooperative testing initiatives. The test was categorized UNSAFE by Aperture Laboratories in 1977, after every test subject who took the test became immediately insane from having so many unassailable truths and gut-wrenching personal secrets about themselves revealed at once. The test was placed in a locked strong box and secured in an abandoned sub-basement. This sub-basement was then filled with cement, and the doorway bricked over.

Upon rediscovery of the document last month, Aperture scientists felt the results were “inconclusive.” A further round of testing has been requested. And you can help! (Source)

Go here to answer seven questions to find out your type. Do it and get free cake at the end.

My result = Weighted Companion Cube.

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Aperture Sciences Christmas Security Video Shows Hidden Portal 2 Secrets

Happy <Christmas>...

I went on the Aperture Science’s website just for fun earlier and it shows footage of a Christmas decorated room from a security camera. I’m sure most people have already seen this and when I did originally I never really thought much about it. But I noticed the two socks and the Portal 2 cubes on the Christmas tree so I thought I should watch it a while to see if anything unusual happens. From what I noticed there are two security tapes which both show a Christmas greeting at the end and play a Christmas Portal theme song.

Read more to see the various clues for Portal 2 contained within the videos.

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Aperture Science Website has Started an Unknown Countdown Timer. Possibly Portal 2 or Steam Related. Early Portal 2 Release Revealed

Not long now... GLaDOS!

If you go to the aperture sciences website its home page is still christmas related but a hidden page reveals a countdown clock. This clock is counting down to an unknown event. If you work out the time it comes to around 5pm GMT, Friday, 15th April which would be around noon on Friday, 15th April in New York or Friday, 15th April, around 9am PDT for example.

What will be revealed is anyone guess but it’s likely related to the recent annoying Valve ARG (alternate reality game) campaign that’s been happening recently so this might all just be a clever marketing trick or it might reveal a new announcement like Half-Life 2: Episode Three, Half-Life 3, an early release date for Portal 2 on PC or a cake. Whatever the case its intriguing because ticking clocks are normally either a very good thing or a really bad thing.

Go here if you want to see the clock yourself.

Updates and Edits:

  • Changed the times and dates, made a big mistake on those.
  • Added more text from the website.
  • Added even more text.
  • Added explanation about the website and what you need to do to get Portal 2 early.
  • Added my opinions.
  • Information about collecting all potatoes and potato guide.
  • Added specifics on how it works.
  • Pictures of what the 36 potatoes look like on Steam.

Read more to see all the updates.

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