Like Portal? Find Out Your Aperture Science Cooperative Testing Type Here. Contains Cake

Its time to become insane and have fun with science.

Welcome, test subject, to the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test. With just a few short questions, this test will determine your personality-driven test resolution type, allowing you to further the cause of science with a compatible test subject.


The following personality test was developed by Aperture scientists in the late seventies as a way to determine test subject compatibility for cooperative testing initiatives. The test was categorized UNSAFE by Aperture Laboratories in 1977, after every test subject who took the test became immediately insane from having so many unassailable truths and gut-wrenching personal secrets about themselves revealed at once. The test was placed in a locked strong box and secured in an abandoned sub-basement. This sub-basement was then filled with cement, and the doorway bricked over.

Upon rediscovery of the document last month, Aperture scientists felt the results were “inconclusive.” A further round of testing has been requested. And you can help! (Source)

Go here to answer seven questions to find out your type. Do it and get free cake at the end.

My result = Weighted Companion Cube.

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Aperture Sciences Christmas Security Video Shows Hidden Portal 2 Secrets

Happy <Christmas>...

I went on the Aperture Science’s website just for fun earlier and it shows footage of a Christmas decorated room from a security camera. I’m sure most people have already seen this and when I did originally I never really thought much about it. But I noticed the two socks and the Portal 2 cubes on the Christmas tree so I thought I should watch it a while to see if anything unusual happens. From what I noticed there are two security tapes which both show a Christmas greeting at the end and play a Christmas Portal theme song.

Read more to see the various clues for Portal 2 contained within the videos.

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