Minecraft Survival Diary, Day #3/4: I Find a Companion

Hello I am King Toko and welcome to my Minecraft Diary. With the popularity of Minecraft and because I only just bought the game recently, I thought it be fun to do a regular diary based on my ongoing adventures and tribulations in the randomly created world I decided to call Avalon. I chose this name for no obvious reason just randomly.

My diary days will be based on Minecraft’s in-game days and I will try to keep the writing to a minimum, to keep up the pace.

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Other important information; I am playing alone and on the hardest difficulty. If I die that’s it, game over and the world gets nuked. Also I am not using any texture packs, skins or mods so the game will be played how intended, untouched.

One final note I’m no Minecraft veteran but I know enough.

After spending the night on a boat I come ashore and abandoned my boat to see zombies and skeletons catching on fire from the sunlight.

I see some wolf’s in a nearby forest.

I decide that having a wolf companion would be a good thing under the circumstances I’m in.

because of the sunlight plenty of bones are littering the area from skeletons.

I pick up the skeleton bones and arrows

I go back to the wolf to make a new friend.

I give him three bones, that should win him over. “Here boy, don’t bite me”. Fido licks the bones happily.

He obeys without any problems. I will call him Fido. “Who’s a good boy? You are!”. Fido barks.

Fido’s looking dapper. I’m not. (Ignore the random rude water shape).

I test Fido hunting skills on a pig. “Get him Fido. Bite its ass”. Fido attacks the pig ferociously (Look at it fly).

I finally get some meat forma pig thanks to Fido. “Good one Fido”. Fido barks excitedly.

I eat the raw meat hungry. Which restores three hearts. “Fido you can’t have any at the moment”. Fido wimpers.

With my new friend Fido the Pig Killer, I decide I should make a new base camp on top of a small hill.

This should do for now.

So many pigs out there its tempting to chase them but I got a job to do.

Easy does it. I don’t want to fall.

I see the light getting darker while I start to build a small hut for the night.

A defensive wall for my crafting table.

I finish the hut quickly, it looks bad but it should do. I build a door, like so.

A door will be very useful for my hut.

I get Fido in side as the light fades. Its nice and cosy inside with hardly any room to move.

I build a furnace and a storage chest to make the hut more homely and more cosy.

“You ok Fido? Do you like my hu… I mean our hut”. Fido wimpers and stares. Fido looks disappointed in my handy work.

Lets store some stuff in my chest.

My pitiful supplies.

I need to make some torches and cook some of that lovely pig (pork) meat when I get some coal.

I check outside to see if its safe and to clear the area. “Hello Mr Creeper are you out there!” It seems too quiet.

“Come out, I’m not scared of a walking piece of dynamite!”


“Hey Fido! Very funny. You made me jump”.

Fido barks several times in quick succession. “Woof!… woof. Woof!”

On second thoughts I am gonna stay inside until it gets light again.

“Do you want to go out there Fido?” Fido ignores me. “Fine! Guard the door from the inside then!”.

“Keep guard Fido while I rest my eyes a bit. Fido sits and stares at the door. “Heres some meat if you get hungry”.

Fido howls “HAUUWWHOOO!”

Its going to be one long night in my and Fido’s dark cold hut.

I have survived my third day.

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