Minecraft Has More Than 20 Million Registered Users

Digging a hole for love.

Markus Persson Minecraft’s game creator tweeted that the cube sandbox game has hit another milestone of 20 million registered users.

His tweet said “Minecraft now has 20 million registered users. At 70 kg each, that’s 25% of the weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza.” He followed it up with another adding. “At 4 liters per day, it would take a million years to drink 20 million liquidized humans. Just saying. I’ll stop now.” Notch you weirdo.

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Those registrations didn’t all translate to paid users, which Notch explained “23.23% also bought the game. Extrapolating, we find that 76.77% of the internet will register for things they don’t want.” That’s more than 4.6 million paid copies which is still impressive for an independent game and it’s always increasing.

However Notch doesn’t mind people pirating he’s game anymore which you can read here:

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