Japan’s Best-Selling Video Games of 2011

Mario Kart 7 is number one in more ways than one.

Media Create the video games retail sales tracker has published the best-selling video games in Japan for 2011. I would say that Nintendo software and hardware won 2011 overall.

Its interesting that the Sony PSP Go sold 15,563 units in 2011 while its only managed to sell 175,986 units overall. Compared to the Sony PSP which has sold 2,063,609 units in 2011 and sold 8,553,397 units overall.

Why they even bother making a PSP without a UMD slot? what where they thinking? Did they think there customers wont mind buying the same game twice?

Read more to see the Japan’s top 10 games sold in 2011 and top 10 hardware sales in 2011.

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The UK Best Selling Video Games of 2011

Why is Call of Duty always top?

The following show the sales for the various platforms and overall top-selling video games. Unsurprising Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and two EA games are the top three overall selling video games of 2011 with EA’s and Activision Blizzard domination of the industry and the popularity of Call of Duty. However that’s not a good thing.

Digital sales are not counted, although they will be soon.

Read more to see the charts.

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Video Games to Watch Out For in 2012 Part #1

How times change.

As it’s a start of a new year, new video games are coming out to look forward to. Over the next few days or so I will be listing nearly thirty games that you should watch out for this year.

Each part will have around six games that you should look out for. In no particular order.

Read more to see the video games to watch out for in 2012 Part #1.

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Best Christmas Related Video Game – Canis Canem Edit a.k.a. Bully (PS2/Xbox 360)

Nice jumper Jimmy...

Many video games features seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas but I feel the game that gives the best feeling of Christmas is Canis Canem Edit.

This is because Canis Canem Edit covers various seasonal events throughout the main characters school year from Spring one year to Summer the next. This makes you feel attached to what is happening to you and the characters you meet. You also feel time and progress is being made.

Read more to see more reasons why.

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Cave Story 3D Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Its 2D but in 3D!

The classic Cave Story will be coming to the Nintendo 3Ds as Cave Story 3D (the title originality is mind blowing). It will arrive on the 9th August in America and sometime in September in Europe. The only problem I can find with releasing this game is that you can already play better versions of the game for free on PC, PSP and DS and you can also get it on WiiWare. Making a so called 3D version seems more of a cash in to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS, 3D gimmick than anything else. Anyway judge for yourself when the game finally gets released.

Continue reading to see more screenshots.

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