Paradox Interactive Announce Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin. Also Three Concept Artwork

I have a thing for Dwarfs.

Paradox Interactive’s has announced a new expansion for Magicka at the Paradox Convention Press Conference. It is called Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin and it is where you take “the roles of Alucart the Vampire and his Necromancers and fight against the forces of good”.

The Other Side of the Coin?

From “Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin lets the player experience a completely new take on the Magicka universe, by taking the roles of Alucart the Vampire and his Necromancers and fight against the forces of good with the purpose of sacking Vlad’s attempt to improve the poor relations between the humans, the dwarves and the elves.”

Read more to see some game artwork and more information.

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Steam Sale: Save 75% on Magicka Collection

Buy one Magicka get more than ten DLC free.

Over on Steam you can save 75% on the Magicka Collection which is part of their daily Daily Wishlist Giveaway.

The Collection includes Magicka and all DLC. If you happen to have some of Magicka DLC already you can buy the ones you want and still save 75% off.

Read more to see my Magicka guide.

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Steam Sale: Save 50% on Magicka Complete Pack

Maybe too early for a complete pack if they add more DLC.

Over on Steam you can save 50% on the Magicka Complete Pack which is part of their Midweek Madness. The Complete Pack includes Magicka, the Wizard’s Survival Kit, and the just released Magicka: Vietnam. The original game and the Magicka four pack are also available at 50% off.

View my Magicka Magicks Guide to see all the Magicks available for Magicka and how you get and use them.

Magicka: Vietnam Now Available

Get ready, we are approaching the drop zone.

The new DLC for Magicka is now available from all good online retailers. Magicka: Vietnam is like the original Magicka but in a Rambo, jungle, Vietnam setting.

“Magicka: Vietnam puts you in the boots of a Wizard GI. Venture deep into the Goblin-Cong jungle, with up to three fellow soldiers, to liberate prisoners from a POW camp and return safely to the evacuation helicopter.”

Check it out if you want new weapons, new enemies and more Magicka action.

Magicka: Vietnam Out 12th April

Get in and get the feck out.

Magicka will be unleashed in Vietnam next month, it will only cost $4.99 (£3.10). With a new campaign setting you also get new weapons and “a new survival challenge map with increased difficulty in direct response to the request from the community.” One of the new spells calls in an F-15 napalm strike. It should be good for the fans.

Magicka: Vietnam Trailer and Patch #11

Magicka: Vietnam is the first expansion for Magicka which will soon be available for digital download. Whether it will be free or not is unknown. 

Vietnam will deliver all the over the top action, players would except to see from a top 80s action film while also allowing the cloth wearers to do what every action hero loves doing… blowing stuff up while accidentally team killing.

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