Magicka: Vietnam Trailer and Patch #11

Magicka: Vietnam is the first expansion for Magicka which will soon be available for digital download. Whether it will be free or not is unknown. 

Vietnam will deliver all the over the top action, players would except to see from a top 80s action film while also allowing the cloth wearers to do what every action hero loves doing… blowing stuff up while accidentally team killing.

Get in and get the feck out.
Also of note Magicka patch #11 was recently released. This patch includes the “Mea Culpa” (my mistake) DLC which is automatically downloaded via Steam. The free DLC includes: 
  • 1 Staff – “Bugged Staff” – summons a swarm of bugs.
  • 1 Sword – “A broken sword”
  • 1 Robe – “Patched Robe”
  • 1 Magick – “Crash to Desktop – Magick  – zaps any foe (or friend)

Ambassador your spoiling us.

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