Magicka Patch is Available

Page from the Magicka Magick book.

An update to the excellent co-op game Magicka has been released. The update will be applied automatically if you have Magicka installed on your Steam client.

Patch was released on the 26th October 2012.

Patch notes:

  • This update supports the new Dungeons & Daemons DLC
  • Also added support for the upcoming Grimnir’s Laboratory, a Co-op challenge map with a twist that comes with new robes suitable for a magick labwork.
  • Fixed an issue where health regen numbers showed even when at full health. Being more than fully alive is generally frowned upon in Midgård.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of Magicks would give the wizards paper cuts and crash the game. Its edges have now been properly blunted as per Wizard Academy standards.
  • Added some missing characters to certain fonts. Continuing our commitment to offering characters to all fonts everywhere.
  • Fixed a pathfinding crash. Took us a bit, but we found it.
  • Fixed disappearing boss Vlad. Turns out he was just at the bar up the street.
  • Fixed a crash when killing frozen Khan (and possibly other bosses). KHAAAAAAN!
  • Fixed camera issue when being revived by the fairy. Fairies weren’t previously aware of auto-focus.
  • Fixed NPC spellcaster AI sometimes freezing up. After taking some public speaking classes, though, the NPC finally warmed up.
  • Mobs are now able to spawn their own kind upon death. That sounds kinda gross, actually.
  • Added some new functionality to scene scripts. Scene scripts run. Run, scripts, run!
  • Reduced the physical damage resistance of Enraged Goblin Warlocks. Let’s face it, Warlocks sound all-powerful but they’re really just a bunch of pansies.
  • Fixed a localization crash. Que haya sido reparado.
  • Fixed a crash with the Performance Enchantment magick. Talk to your doctor first.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when firing a water projectile during a level transition. That’ll show those pesky levels who’s boss around here.
  • Fixed an issue with collision checks that resulted in multiple fall damage. Large Hadron Collider consulted, collisions now in check.
  • Fixed certain lights being removed when restarting a scene. Disco disco, good good.
  • Fixed scores being inconsistent between client and host in challenges. Issues resolved with just a couple trust falls.
  • Fixed script delays being reset when restarting a challenge level. No more delays, the movie will finally be coming out soon.
  • Fixed element icons getting stuck highlighted when disabled (as in Elemental Roulette). Now if we could only get our car’s dome light to turn off.
  • Fixed a crash where players were gripped during level transition. Now they’ll just be gripped in anticipation, amirite?!
  • General stability improvements.

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