Building a Minecraft Kingdom One Mined Block at a Time. Part #4 Mining and Monster Rave with the Zombie House Mafia

The Zombie House Mafia gigs were starting to get a bit too hairy.

I have started a new Minecraft series where I plan to build a kingdom with a castle or fort, villages and much more all by hand with no cheats, mods or other voodoo trickery. As a wise and fair King I have decided to do all the work by myself before my citizens move in. Which means they will be waiting for a while.

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I am sure many people have seen videos and pictures of wonderful things people have created in creative mode or using cheats well I am going to do something similar but every block placed has to be taken from the world i.e mined and then placed down where I want. So its going to take a while to build things. I will show my progress in pictures and describe whats happening over this long series.

Read Building a Minecraft Kingdom One Mined Block at a Time. Part #1 Founding of a Home Land for the rules.

The only thing I have changed is the game textures and I will spawn NPC villagers from eggs when I want to populate my kingdom.

Part #4 Mining and Monster Rave with the Zombie House Mafia

After starting to build the Residential District I realise I wasnt going to have enough cobblestone for all my buildings and walls so I needed to do some more mining. This means I would have to venture into the many caves and cavers around and under my fort.

(Click an image to see a larger version).

I find some pre-existing mines underground when I enter one of the cavers nearby my fort. I decide to follow it a bit and find a few treasure chests, wood, some mine tracks which I don’t take but take a note of their position for when ever I start my mine cart network. I also find plenty of cobwebs that are really annoying and spiders that want to give me plenty of kisses. I dispatch them after not too much trouble with my iron sword.

I find a mine type spider dungeon filled with cobwebs, spiders, Creepers and skeleton archers waiting to send me back to respawn. I tango with the fellas and after while manage to kill all them without too much injury. I destroy the monster spawner but don’t find any chests nearby which is disappointing.

I decide to leave the mines and start digging down with my own tunnels and not before too long I come across open areas filled with lava pools and plenty of materials such as Redstone and iron.

I find what I think is quite an unusual lava waterfall. Its kind of pretty in its own deadly killing way.

I keep an eye out for diamonds which I fail to find but i feel optimistic that it wont be long until im swimming in diamonds. I do happen to find lapis lazuli (the colourful but pretty useless pearl thing) which I might use later as some sort of currency for my kingdom but that’s getting a bit too a head of myself.

I continue my journey through the caverns I just found and a little while later I find a dungeon filled with zombies and lava. The place is literally jumping they must be playing some banging tunes. I decide to join them. Oh yeah they are the Zombie House Mafia (see what I did there).

I get bored of jumping around with them and decide to kill them all “leave no survivors!”. After getting which seems tons of zombies they get too much for me. I try to steal whats down there but don’t manage to open the chests. I decide to run away “run away!” further down the cavers while still weak a Creeper finishes me off with a simple explosion. “You haven’t seen the of last me Zombie House Mafia!”.

I respawn back to my foreman shack. It takes a while but I manage to run back to where i died and pick up my loot and equipment. I decide to go back to the zombie dungeon where the Zombie House Mafia have only left a few of their groupies behind. I take them out easily and triumphantly loot the two chests in the dungeon. The chests this time don’t contain anything that exciting (saddles etc). While I am there I mine the mossy cobblestone which could be useful for decorations later on.

After a little while longer of exploring the caverns where I find plenty of materials for my kingdom but no diamonds I come across a dark descending cavern passage which is covered in coal. I mine the coal and then decide to venture further down the passage.

I come across a river which leads to a more open area below. To my surprise it’s filled with skeletons, Creepers and a single zombie. It look like some sort of gang war between the Skeleton Mafia and the Creeper Mafia with a zombie caught in the middle. I decide that the reward of helping isn’t worth the risk of biting the dust again so I leave the monsters to their petty war.

I venture back to the surface and return to my shack. I put my loot in materials in chests and smelt the gold and iron ore I find into bars. That has been an eventful and tiring few days so I take a nice sleep in my warm bed while it’s still dark.

Join me next time when I do some more mining and digging and hope to find some beautiful diamonds.

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