TERA Summer Event Starts Next Week

That is one stylish rabbit thing. Run away!

Over at the action MMORPG combat orientated TERA, the unoriginal named Summer Event is starting soon. The event adds skimpy clothes and douchebag outfits for all the races in the game. There are also new achievements, prizes and a beach party. Which is just what you need to make you feel even more of a loser.

You will need to defeat monsters in TERA’s coastal areas to collect special event boxes. Inside these event boxes you will find fireworks, rare crystals, consumables and 30-day swimsuits (they must be those bio degradable ones).

From tera.enmasse.com: “Participating zones include: Tuwangi Mire, Mistmoor Island, Cutthroat Harbor, Jagged Coast, Tempest Reach, Serpentis Isle, and Balder’s Refuge. Race-specific swimsuits will drop in one of three colors. Trade boxes with other players to get the swimsuit and color you want.”

The event runs from 3rd August to 13th August. Go to their Summer Event page for more details.

TERA is another one of those pay monthly MMORPGs that I havent played. It has a pretty good combat system and visual style with over sexualized adults, animals and children (which is so wrong. Look at post picture for example). The fact you have to pay monthly is a mistake on the games behalf. It’s bound to get more players when it goes free to play.

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