Building a Minecraft Kingdom One Mined Block at a Time. Part #3 Starting the Residential District

Residential planning is hard work.

I have started a new Minecraft series where I plan to build a kingdom with a castle or fort, villages and much more all by hand with no cheats, mods or other voodoo trickery. As a wise and fair King I have decided to do all the work by myself before my citizens move in. Which means they will be waiting for a while.

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I am sure many people have seen videos and pictures of wonderful things people have created in creative mode or using cheats well I am going to do something similar but every block placed has to be taken from the world i.e mined and then placed down where I want. So its going to take a while to build things. I will show my progress in pictures and describe whats happening over this long series.

Read Building a Minecraft Kingdom One Mined Block at a Time. Part #1 Founding of a Home Land for the rules.

The only thing I have changed is the game textures and I will spawn NPC villagers from eggs when I want to populate my kingdom.

Part #3 Starting the #Residential District

This time I decided to move onto making the residential areas of my fort clearly. This will involve marking the initial areas in dirt then moving onto wood, wooden planks and cobblestone.

(Click an image to see a larger version).

I decided to do two areas for the Residential District one for the poor then one for more richer families. A wall and gate will divide the two areas with the poor district being more near to the front gate and the richer area will be in the Royal District.

Each house will be joined to another one with two more in front of it. Each house will be a separate building but then the roofs and walls are added they will look more like bungalows. Every house will be one floor above ground with as many as the resident wants downwards, which will be usually one or two floors underground. With the decision to have many floors underground this will allow a couple of families to live in one building.

I did mess around with having two floors or more with each building but that turned out to look more like flats than medieval dwellings. As you can see above when I looked to see what it would look like if I made the walls higher to protect the buildings I thought that the walls would be too high for my fort.

When I then lowered the surrounding walls to see what it looks like again (just to make sure if I should have higher residential buildings or not) I didn’t like the buildings hanging over the walls. Later on it might look better when everything else has been built but at the moment I don’t think it was suitable for the Residential District to be that high.

While I was doing that I decided to make the surrounding walls of the fort higher while the inner walls a bit shorter. This was to give the fort more depth.

I also added a little more detail to some of the areas of the fort and started to think about how the Market and Warehouse District would look like and how the Royal Palace would look with dirt of course.

I got rid of all the dirt outlines for the buildings inside the fort. This means you can now get a better idea of what I am trying to achieve a bit more clearer.

Quick Fort Overview:

The far right section is two Residential Districts near the main entrance to the fort.

The bottom section is the Market and Warehouse District with a guard tower covering the port and back gate of the fort.

The left section is the Royal District. This district has the Royal Palace with Mage Tower and Royal Kitchen. There are also an Inn, Barracks, Royal Library and a building what was going to be a church/chapel or something like that but because I am an atheist it will end up being some sort of Research, Design and Discovery building. My subjects are free to worship what they want but religion isn’t something I will be encouraging.

In the end I made the resident building smaller so when the Royal Palace is built I will be able to look over my fort with no buildings in the way. The residential building above is an example of how the rest will look. It looks like one house but it’s actually two joined together as I mentioned before.

Join me next time as I go killing loads of mobs and exploring the vast caves below my fort for building materials and diamonds.

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