Building a Minecraft Kingdom One Mined Block at a Time. Part #1 Founding of a Home Land

“Hello, I am the King!”

I have started a new Minecraft series where I plan to build a kingdom with a castle or fort, villages and much more all by hand with no cheats, mods or other voodoo trickery. As a wise and fair King I have decided to do all the work by myself before my citizens move in. Which means they will be waiting for a while.

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I am sure many people have seen videos and pictures of wonderful things people have created in creative mode or using cheats well I am going to do something similar but every block placed has to be taken from the world i.e mined and then placed down where I want. So its going to take a while to build things. I will show my progress in pictures and describe whats happening over this long series.


  • A new world with all extra options on. (not superflat).
  • Played on single player survival.
  • Play on hard mode (I was thinking of doing hardcore).
  • Death doesn’t matter but will make it harder.
  • Every block needs to be mined, chopped or dug from the ground.
  • The world is imagined to be if it was equivalent to around the 1070s on Earth. If it had real monsters that is.
  • No flying.
  • No world edit tools allowed.
  • No creative mode.
  • No console commands.
  • Buildings have to be habitable and useful such if the world was actually real. NPCs will be given jobs to do.

The only thing I have changed is the game textures and I will spawn NPC villagers from eggs when I want to populate my kingdom.

Part #1 Founding of a Home Land

It took me several in-game days, probably about a week to find a suitable locations this involved me making temporary shelters, hiding and digging in caves for supplies, killing a tons of poor creatures and making boats to cross vast oceans.

(Click an image to see a larger version).

Until I found a sweet spot near the ocean and between many caves and mountains:

So I found a location to start my kingdom now I needed to build a foreman hut where I would base my operations while I build my many wonderful ideas.

Which I did here:

That is me looking dapper in my leather armor.

This foreman dirt and mud hut overlooks the construction site and is where I can get an elevated position of the surrounding area. If you are wondering why use dirt, well it’s because its plentiful and easier to get than cobblestone.

Join me next time when I start building the defensive walls to outline my castle/fort after I have flattened the area with my shovel that is (It took quite a long time to do).

Part #2:

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