Borderlands Veterans Get Bonus Borderlands 2 Rewards

For some reason this reminds me of Warhammer.

Gearbox Software have announced a bonus for players of the first Borderlands game, who intend on playing the sequel Borderlands 2. “Vault Veteran” skins and heads (helmets), will be available for each character for returning players.

Gearbox says: “Borderlands 2 will reward veterans of the first Borderlands with exclusive character customization elements. Here’s a look at the character heads and skins that are unlocked when Borderlands 2 detects save data from the original Borderlands!”

You can see whats included in the image below:

click the image to see a larger version.

There doesn’t seem to be any conditions such as having to complete the game several times (like I did), it being linked to achievements or anything like that. You just need to have a Borderlands save file.

It would have been better if they did something like the Mass Effect trilogy did where certain story elements would carry on from one game to next depending on what you did in the previous game. Sure Borderlands has new characters and a more linear story but I bet you will see some returning characters, so it good to see some sort of acknowledgment that you met them before or reaction to something you did in the previous game.

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