Rumor: Diablo III Release Date [Update!]

Diablo would be disappointed.

According to Best Buy and Joystiq, Diablo III is heading to stores at the beginning of next month. A display spotted at a Best Buy shop shows Diablo III being advertised for a midnight launch on the 1st February. Also Best Buy’s website lists the same date.

Apparently UK retailer Gameplay is showing a 3rd February 2012 release date for Diablo III. Which means there might be some truth in the actual release dates.

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Blizzard hasn’t announced when Diablo III will be coming out however the fact that Best Buy is printing advertising suggests that they know when the actual release date is or either its a publicity stunt by Best Buy and Gameplay or they have both made a mistake.


Diablo III will not be released in February despite reports to the contrary. Retailers do not know a date for the game’s release, according to Blizzard’s community manager and will not know one until the entire world knows one with a press release.