Diablo III Starter Edition is Available

Everyone loves glowing staves.

Blizzard Entertainment have finally sorted out their Diablo III systems enough that people can now try out the Starter Edition for free. It is basically a demo and is available through Battle.net. With the Starter Edition you can fight up to the Skeleton King boss in Act I and get to level 13 all without having to purchase Diablo III.

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Rumor: Diablo III Release Date [Update!]

Diablo would be disappointed.

According to Best Buy and Joystiq, Diablo III is heading to stores at the beginning of next month. A display spotted at a Best Buy shop shows Diablo III being advertised for a midnight launch on the 1st February. Also Best Buy’s website lists the same date.

Apparently UK retailer Gameplay is showing a 3rd February 2012 release date for Diablo III. Which means there might be some truth in the actual release dates.

Read more for more detail.

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The Diablo III Community Site Has Been Updated

The new Blizzard music group went down well.

The Diablo III community has been updated and now offers lots of new features and information.

The Diablo III Game guide page includes everything you need to know about the hero classes available in Diablo IIIIt includes information on active skills, passive skills, main class features, as well as screenshots, gameplay videos, artwork, lore, equipment, armor progression previews, and resource overviews.

The class Skill Calculator will allow you to explore the unique builds for your chosen class by selecting active skills, Runestones, and passive skills.

All seems worth checking out if you are looking forward to Diablo III and who isn’t?