Tribes: Ascend Cloak & Dagger Update Coming Soon

The above video shows the upcoming Cloak & Dagger Update for Tribes: Ascend. It should be out this week and includes new content for the Infiltrator Class.

The new cosmetic skins will be purchasable with real money (Tribes Gold). All new weapons can be unlocked with gameplay XP, or purchased with Tribes Gold.

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Tribes: Ascend Open Beta Version 0.1.848.0 Patch Notes

Shazbot patch.

Tribes: Ascend has been updated with a new CTF map “Sunstar”, new server locations “The European server region has been split into two regions and stability” and various other improvements.

The game is in open beta which means anyone can now play and try out the game for free.

Patch 0.1.848.0 was deployed on Tuesday 20th March 2012.

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Tribes: Ascend Open Beta Starts Today with New Modes and Maps. Shazbot! [Updated!]

Yay new maps!

On the 24th 22nd February, Tribes: Ascend will leave closed beta and enter open beta however the game won’t launch officially until later this year. The game has started out well and developer Hi-Rez has made many improvements during the closed beta, which CEO Todd Harris says “exceeded expectations” with over 300,000 players.


The open beta is now available. I thought it was on Friday but it turns out its today. Servers are currently offline but you can download the latest patch or download the whole game if you are new to Tribes: Ascend while you wait.

You can see the patch notes here:

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