Tribes: Ascend Cloak & Dagger Update Coming Soon

The above video shows the upcoming Cloak & Dagger Update for Tribes: Ascend. It should be out this week and includes new content for the Infiltrator Class.

The new cosmetic skins will be purchasable with real money (Tribes Gold). All new weapons can be unlocked with gameplay XP, or purchased with Tribes Gold.

Cloak & Dagger Update:

  • Assassin skin.
  • Mercenary skin.
  • Smoke Grenade.
  • Jackal.
  • Throwing Knives.

Apparently there will be similar updates for other Tribes classes such as cosmetic skins and alternative weapons.

Good to see new stuff for the game but it be interesting to see how much they are charging for the skins. The fact that you can only buy skins with real money may put of potential new players but I can understand why Hi-Rez Studios are charging for them.

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