Terraria Coming to Consoles Next Year

I rather get shot than get sent to that place in an emergency.

Re-Logic have announced a while back that Terraria is now coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace sometime next year. With developer Engine Software and publisher 505 Games. However the console versions are apparently not supposed to be direct ports but unique with new added content.

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Terraria Coming to Physical Stores with Extras and a Bigger Price

Another jolly day spearing unicorns.

Terraria, the excellent Minecraft style adventure platformer, is to get a retail release. For £20 you can get the “Exclusive Collectors Edition” soon in a shop near you. The digital version costs around £5.99 with it at least getting lower costing with various regular sales, which is very good value seeing as all updates are free.

Merge Games, who have previously provided publishing for a lot of casual titles. Are now going to publish Terraria for sale in brick and mortar stores, people still remember those don’t they? They do still exist.

Read more to see more about the Terraria Collectors Edition.

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Terraria Patch 1.1.2 is Now Available

Terrarian updates.

Updates to Terraria have been released however its just a few bug fixes and multilingual support.

The updates will be applied automatically if the game is installed on Steam.

My Terraria guides:

Read more to see the full patch notes.

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Game Developers Choice Award Nominees Announced

Video game awards.

The finalists for the 12th annual Game Developers Choice Awards have been announced.

The winners will be announced at the Game Developers Conference on 7th March. The awards contain ten categories with Bastion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim likely to do well. I have also added my predictions for who I think will win.

Read more to see the nominees.

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Terraria Patch 1.1.1: The Christmas Update is Now Available

Terrarian patch.

With the Terraria update 1.1 being released the other day update 1.1.1 is now available. This update is the Terraria Christmas Update and therefore features several Christmas related things such as a “Santa’s Outfit”, “Candy Cane Blocks & Walls” and “Presents that are dropped by monsters during the holiday season.” Sounds good.

I will updated my Terraria guides at some point.

My Terraria guides:

Read more to see the full patch notes.

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Terraria Patch 1.1 is Available

Terrarian patch.

Terraria has been updated recently with quite a lot of new additions which make Minecraft patches seem piss poor. The patch will download automatically if you have the game installed on Steam. I will updated my Terraria guides at some point.

My Terraria guides:

Read more to see the full patch notes.

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Terraria FAQ and Beginner Guide

Terrarian assistance.

I have done several Terraria guides already but I thought I should do a FAQ and beginner guide for new people to the game. This guide will give a lot of help to people who have no clue how to begin in a new world or for people who might have certain questions.

I have added my other Terraria guides at the bottom of this one.

Read more to see the guide.

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Steam: Halloween Sale has Started


Over on Steam to celebrate Halloween they have started the 2011 Halloween Sale on loads of scary related video games. A lot of these games are worth buying especially if you don’t have them yet. They should help you get into mood for Halloween, in other words terrified.

I have listed some of the best games below.

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