Terraria FAQ and Beginner Guide

Terrarian assistance.

I have done several Terraria guides already but I thought I should do a FAQ and beginner guide for new people to the game. This guide will give a lot of help to people who have no clue how to begin in a new world or for people who might have certain questions.

I have added my other Terraria guides at the bottom of this one.

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  • General Questions [GEN]
  • First steps [FIR]
  • NPCs [NPC]
  • Exploring [EXP]
  • Biomes [BIO]
  • Alchemy [ALC]
  • Other Guides [OTH]

To find what you want quickly use Ctrl + F then for example type [BIO] then click next until it goes to the relevant information. In this case information about the various Biomes.

General Questions [GEN]

What is Terraria?

The purpose of Terraria is to explore, build, and have fun. You can use the game a sandbox or try to beat all the bosses, it’s up to the player.

What is the character progression?

In Terraria your character doesn’t level like in other RPGs, one reason for this is because there isn’t any experience system in place. Your character becomes stronger by equipping better weapons, armor and accessories.

Items affect your total health, mana, attack and defense amounts.

How are characters saved?

Character data is saved individual from worlds, this allows you to use your old character in new worlds or other people’s worlds. Only your character’s health, mana and inventory is kept when entering a different world.

By storing items in a chest you can return for them when you reenter that world.

How to I increase my health points and mana points?

Health and Mana can be increased by using Life Crystals and Mana Crystals.

You can obtain a Life Crystal by exploring underground and smashing big hearts statues with a hammer.

You can obtain Mana Crystals by collecting 10 Falling Stars that appear at night which can be combined to create a Mana Crystal.

What is Multiplayer?

This mode allows you work and trade with other players, up to you what you decide, you could create your own story and NPCs if you wanted to.

You join a single world with others, this can be either friends or strangers, depending on the server. You can either create new characters or used one of your old ones. The person hosting will have to save the world which then can be returned to in future play sessions.

Any items you collect or lose in multiplayer are carried over to that same character in single-player. However this wont be a big deal if you have separate characters for multiplayer and single player.

First steps [FIR]

Beginner list:

  1. Obtain wood
    Use your Axe on trees to chop it down for wood and acorns. Planting acorns on grass will grow a new tree after a day or so.
  2. Build shelter
    Make a home from wood or stone (stone is better and less valuable than wood). Fill in the background with stone walls or wood walls made from a Workbench, this will stop enemies spawning inside. Dirt and Dungeon walls don’t keep enemies out. You can use a hammer to remove walls.
  3. Create a Workbench
    Use wood to make a workbench. By standing near a workbench you can make lots of new items.
  4. Create a Wooden Hammer
    Use wood at a Workbench
  5. Create torches
    Kill Slimes for their Gels and combine gels and wood to make a torch.
  6. Exploration
    Explore the top of the world and locate the various biomes or explore by going downwards.
  7. NPCs housing
    Make individual rooms or houses for the various NPCs to move into.
  8. Anvil
    make one out of Iron or buy one from the Merchant NPC.

How do I place a door?

Doors must be placed in a gap in a wall, must be the same height as your character. If the door won’t place make sure you have a floor and ceiling.

How can I increase what I can craft?

Crafting stations allow a character to create items while you are standing next to them.

Some of the various crafting stations:

  • Workbench =Made from wood, this is the basic crafting station.
  • Furnace = Made from stone, wood and torches. This allows you to smelt ores.
  • Anvil = Made from Iron. This station allows you to make metal tools and armor.
  • Alchemy Station = Made by putting a bottle on top of a Wooden Table or a Workbench. It allows you to make potions
  • Hell Furnaces = Used for making the best equipment.

How do I store items?

Chests can be made from Iron Bars and Wood which will allow you to keep items inside. Chests can also be found underground and inside dungeons and can be taken with you.

You can purchase a Piggy Banks from the Merchant which you can store cash inside these are also locked to your character in multiplayer.

How do I move my spawn point?

By collecting Cobwebs, crafting them into Silk, then combining Silk and Wood allows you to make a Bed. A bed allows you set a new spawn point by right-clicking the bed. Make sure the Bed is in a safe location or it wont work.

How to I heal?

Collect mushrooms from grassy areas. These can also be turned into potions at an Alchemy Station. Glowing mushrooms appear underground and heal for more than normal mushrooms, these can also be combined with Lesser Healing Potions to create better potions.

You can press H to auto use a healing item.

What happens at nighttime?

Zombies and Demon Eyes will spawn and Falling Stars will land across the world. It is also harder to see.

Whats a Blood Moon?

During a Blood Moon large numbers of Zombies and Demon Eyes spawn. Also Zombies can open doors.

What are the penalties of death?

Depending on the mode you choose at character creation. On softcore (original mode) You lose half of your money. You can return to where you died to recollect it.

What is the equipment tier list?

It roughly goes from: Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Meteor, Shadow – Jungle – Necro to Molten.

How do I get a Grappling Hook?

Underground, in the Stone layer, Skeletons appear. They have a rare chance to drop Hooks; you might have to kill two skeletons or two hundred, but eventually, you’ll get one. Craft Chains out of Iron Bars, and then combine three Chains and a Hook for a Grappling Hook.

How do I split item stacks?

Right-clicking a stack of items picks them up one at a time while holding down right-click speeds it up.


What are NPCs?

These are non player characters such as the Guide, who help you in various ways. There are seven NPCs and they will appear once you have an empty house and have met their individual requirements.

How do I build a NPCs house?

  • Build walls, background walls and a roof.
  • Place a light source inside the room such as a torch.
  • Place a Wooden Table and a Wooden Chair in the house.
  • Place a Door in the house.

How do I obtain the various NPCs?

The Guide

With you at start of the game and provides advice.

The Merchant

Buys and sells items for money. He will arrive once you have at least fifty Silver Coins,

The Nurse

Will allow you to fully heal.will appear once you’ve found at least one Life Crystal and you have used it.

The Dryad

Appears once you’ve defeated a boss. She sells Purification Powder and sunflowers.

The Arms Dealer

Appears when you have found a firearm, and sells ammunition guns.

The Demolitions Man

Appears when you have some Dynamite. He sells Grenades, Bombs, and Dynamite.

The Clothier

Appears once Skeletron is defeated, and sells some Vanity items.

Exploring [EXP]

What are forests?

Forests are the basic biome. Trees, Mushrooms, Slimes, Bunnies and Sunflowers spawn there.

Whats all this sand?

This is a desert. Deserts contain Cacti and Vultures and Antlions spawn here.

I found purple grass?

This is the Corruption.

Whats this giant building made of coloured bricks?

This is the Dungeon. Every world contains one, and you can’t enter it safely until you have defeated Skeletron. If you try to enter now you will die very quickly.

What are pots?

Pots spawn underground, and can be smashed for money, ammo, health and bombs.

Whats at the bottom of the word?

Hell, which is the final layer. Hell is filled with lava, as well as teleporting Fire Imps, large skeletal Bone Serpents, Hellbats, and Lava Slimes. It contains Hellstone, You need good equipment and lots of health to stand a chance of surviving.

Biomes [BIO]

What is the Corruption?

The Corruption continues spreading disease on the world.

What is found inside the Corruption?

Purple thorns that damage players. Vile Mushrooms, used to make Vile Powder. Ebonstone, which requires Dynamite or Demonite tier picks to mine through. Demonic Altars, Chests, Shadow Orbs, enemies such as Eater of Souls and the Devourer. Deathweed plants.

What are Shadow Orbs?

Shadow Orbs are balls of evil energy that can be destroyed with a hammer or Dynamite. Destroying a Shadow Orb can make a Meteor drop or summon a boss. You also are giving a free item.

What happens when a meteor falls?

A meteor can fall anywhere in the world. The meteor in the ground looks like a large crater filled with glowing purple Meteorite Ore.

What can you do with the meteorite?

Meteorite can be mined with Gold pickaxes and forged equipment. The Meteorite will hurt you when you touch it unless you’ve equipped an Obsidian Skull.

What is inside a Dungeon?

Angry Bones, Dark Casters and Flaming Skulls enemies. High level items can be found in chests.

What is the underground jungle?

The jungle is filled with Jungle Slimes, Jungle Bats, Hornets and Man-Eaters. Green environments and green sky signal you have found it.

What is inside the jungle?

There are golden altars holding chests and enemies have a chance of dropping items such as the Blade of Grass and Thorn Chakra, or the Ivy Whip.

Alchemy [ALC]

What are the Alchemy plants?

Alchemy plants are needed to make alchemy potions. Each plant grows in a specific location and has specific growing requirements.

How do I grow alchemy plants?

Every alchemy plant grows through three phases:

  1. Infant = Planted or spawned herbs are infant plants and over time grow into mature plants.
  2. Mature = Matured plants can be harvested.
  3. Blossom = Under certain conditions, herbs will enter the blossoming phase, signaled by either changing appearance or sparkling. Harvesting this herb produces this herb and seeds as well.

Seeds can be planted either on the herb’s natural block type, or in Clay Pots.

The six herbs and their conditions are as follows:


Yellow flowers that grow on plain grass. They bloom during the day, by cutting them down when the sun is up will be enough to get seeds.

Dayblooms are used in seven potions (Archery, Featherfall, Hunter, Ironskin, Mana Regen, Night Owl and Shine).


Greyish looking plants that spawn underground in natural caverns. Blinkroots don’t have a blooming condition, they will simply light up when they are ready to be cut down for seeds.

Blinkroots are needed for seven potions (Featherfall, Gravitation, Hunter, Invisibility, Night Owl, Spelunker and Swiftness).


These are similar to Dayblooms but these grow on Jungle Grass, and only bloom during the night.

These blue flowers are used for four potions (Invisibility, Magic Power, Mana Regen and Spelunker).


These plants only grow in desert sands. These blue herbs need water to bloom, so use a water bucket. These will bloom as soon as they come in contact with water.

Waterleaf is needed for three potions (Obsidian Skin, Gills, and Water Walking).


These only grow in the Corruption, on Ebonstone or Corrupted Grass. However these only bloom during Blood Moons.

Deathweed is an ingredient in four potions (Magic Power, Battle, Thorns and Gravitation).


These only grow on Ash blocks, and must be near Lava to bloom. Therefore you will need to go to hell to find these.

Fireblossom is needed in two potions (Gravitation and Obsidian Skin).

Other Guides [OTH]

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