Terraria Coming to Physical Stores with Extras and a Bigger Price

Another jolly day spearing unicorns.

Terraria, the excellent Minecraft style adventure platformer, is to get a retail release. For £20 you can get the “Exclusive Collectors Edition” soon in a shop near you. The digital version costs around £5.99 with it at least getting lower costing with various regular sales, which is very good value seeing as all updates are free.

Merge Games, who have previously provided publishing for a lot of casual titles. Are now going to publish Terraria for sale in brick and mortar stores, people still remember those don’t they? They do still exist.

Read more to see more about the Terraria Collectors Edition.

This Collectors Edition comes with a in-game pet bunny similar to one you see running around in the game in grassy areas, a keyring in the shape of a pick axe, some Terraria trading cards and a poster. There will probably be more extras.

It will apparently be released on the 16th March in the UK. With it now being available in normal physical stores and digital sites such as Steam. It will undoubtedly attract a bigger audience but at its current price it might be too expensive for some, espically if they know they can get it for cheaper else where. However it will likely require Steam to run and get updates so if you don’t want the extra Terraria related merchandise you might feel a bit annoyed knowing you paid more than three times the usual asking price.

The main problem with selling a game like Terraria in a physical store is that what are the developers going to put the game data on? I’m guessing a CD or DVD but the base game even with updates is so small you can fit it on a floppy disk (hard small ones). Now that would be funny buying a game in a store and getting a floppy disk. That hasn’t happened in years. Also most people have no clue what a floppy disk is these days.

Anyway if I happen to see it in store then I will likely buy it for the extras you get. I have bought the game twice so far but it is good to support indie developers who happen to make something good and fun. A lot of them don’t get that far.

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