Dead Rising 2: Off The Record has been Announced

Capcom has announced Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. This is Dead Rising 2 with photo freak Frank West, the guy from the first Dead Rising, he will be replacing Chuck Greene. Kind of strange concept for a new game when its gonna be similar, if they can smooth out the overall Dead Rising 2 experience and feature enough new content it should be worth playing through again.

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Three Games to Play this Halloween

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to play.

As I’m sure everyone’s is aware its Halloween today. The time of the year when you are encouraged to take sweets from strangers. If you are too old to go trick-or-treating or you haven’t got no friends to have a Halloween party with, stay in, get comfy, turn of the lights, pretend you’re not in to door knockers and play these recently released games. These game will yet you enjoy the spirit of the day while having a good time without getting cold and wet.

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Why achievements need more originality and why my made up achievements are better than the official ones

Not that long a go I made some achievements up for Dead Rising 2: Case Zero which I thought would add more gameplay to the arcade game and because the official Case Zero achievements were uninspiring like a lot of game achievements are. You can see my ones here. Anyway with the release of Dead Rising 2 and the achievements that go with it I am pretty disappointed to say the least. I havent bought the game yet but I looked at the achievement list and where’s the creativity?.

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My Made Up Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Achievements

I have been playing Dead Rising 2: Case Zero lately and its a lot of fun. I never played the first game Dead Rising but after playing Case Zero I might consider getting Dead Rising 2. Anyway I been messing about and thought I make up some of my own achievements which I have made up while playing the game. If anyone wants to try them out it could add some fun and some replay value.

60 achievements with a total of 1185 Gamerscore.

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