My Made Up Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Achievements

I have been playing Dead Rising 2: Case Zero lately and its a lot of fun. I never played the first game Dead Rising but after playing Case Zero I might consider getting Dead Rising 2. Anyway I been messing about and thought I make up some of my own achievements which I have made up while playing the game. If anyone wants to try them out it could add some fun and some replay value.

60 achievements with a total of 1185 Gamerscore.

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  • No Witnesses: 50 (G)
    Kill all the survivors.
  • War Criminal: 100 (G)
    Kill 2,500 zombies in one play through before the Army takes you to the Hague for war crimes.
  • Head and Shoulders: 5 (G)
    Throw shampoo on the head and shoulder of one zombie.
  • The Ripper: 10 (G)
    Kill a female zombie in an alley when its past 7pm with a kitchen knife.
  • Terrorist: 30 (G)
    Use an improvised explosive device to kill 3 zombie soldiers and 10 other zombies at the same time.
  • Curvew: 30 (G)
    Kill 30 zombies in the shops car park when its past 7pm.
  • Sorry Mate: 5 (G)
    Puke up on a survivor.
  • These are rented: 10 (G)
    Get blood on clothes (not original ones).
  • I’m a American: 10 (G)
    Buy some Zombrex from the Pawn Shop.
  • I’m Chuck Norris 30 (G)
    Kill 50 zombies with your fists.
  • Sir Spit a lot: 25 (G)
    Spit on 50 zombies.
  • Don’t Run: 5 (G)
    Stab the scissors in to a zombie.
  • It’s in the Constitution: 30 (G)
    Kill 20 zombies with all the different guns.
  • Police Brutality: 10 (G)
    Kill 5 zombie police officers with a night stick.
  • Kill Bob: 10 (G)
    Use the broadsword to kill Bob the survivor.
  • Lamb to the Slaughter: 10 (G)
    Let zombies kill the infected Survivor.
  • Sweet Loving: 5 (G)
    Get killed by a female survivor.
  • Your Loss: 10 (G)
    Kill Bob’s daughter before bringing her dad to meet her.
  • The Truth: 10 (G)
    Kill the Pawn Shop owner.
  • I’m a Tea Totaler: 5 (G)
    Drink alcohol until you puke.
  • Cocktails: 5 (G)
    Mix some drinks in the blender and drink it.
  • Samaritan: 10 (G)
    Kill 3 zombie gamblers with a drill bucket while they are still playing slots.
  • Wheres Your Head At: 20 (G)
    Pop 10 zombie heads with one Queen bee.
  • Ram Raid: 10 (G)
    Smash the window of a shop then steal its cash register.
  • Disco Inferno: 20 (G)
    Make 20 zombies burn with one molotov cocktail.
  • Shift Worker: 50 (G)
    Wear the waitress outfit and lure 15 zombies in to the cafe and in front of the counter while you are behind it.
  • You Gona Need Protection: 30 (G)
    Smash 5 windows with a baseball bat.
  • The Boss Sends he’s Regards: 10 (G)
    Throw a molotov cocktail through a buildings window.
  • I Will Be Rich: 50 (G)
    Make $35,000 on the slot machines.
  • I’m Drunk: 5 (G)
    Place a traffic cone on a zombies head.
  • Pacemaker: 10 (G)
    Drill one zombie with three different consecutive drill attacks.
  • Fly Swatter: 10 (G)
    Hit 10 zombies with the newspaper.
  • The Stick Does More: 15 (G)
    Use a broken broom to kill a zombie.
  • Texas Chainsaw: 30 (G)
    Kill 3 female survivors with a chainsaw.
  • Whats the Point: 0 (G)
    Try to leave Still Creek by your self.
  • WTF: 5 (G)
    Lift the rubbish cart while the motor bike is inside it.
  • I’m the Engineer: 5 (G)
    Kill a zombie carrying a wrench with the wrench weapon.
  • I’m Tron Bonne: 10 (G)
    Put 5 Servbot hats on 5 zombies in the same area.
  • Brain Shower: 5 (G)
    Use the shower head on the zombie.
  • Paint Job: 5 (G)
    Throw paint at a zombie.
  • Special Recipe: 5 (G)
    Spit in a pie.
  • Turok R.I.P: 50 (G)
    Kill 50 zombies with the bow and arrow.
  • I’m Santa: 10 (G)
    Enter a locked premises from the roof.
  • King Pin: 30 (G)
    Score a strike in the bowling alley.
  • Racist: 5 (G)
    Kill 10 black zombies.
  • Red Card: 15 (G)
    Kick 20 zombie heads in.
  • Foul: 10 (G)
    Get killed by a zombies fist (not grabbed).
  • Fumble: 10 (G)
    Bounce the American Football on 5 zombies in one throw.
  • Street Cleaner: 5 (G)
    Hit a rubbish bin over a zombie then use the broom on the same zombie.
  • They Only Come Out at Night: 50 (G)
    Kill 100 zombies when its past 7pm.
  • I’m the Chef: 20 (G)
    Use the cooker.
  • Dinner Time Pets: 30 (G)
    Feed 3 zombies on one dead survivor.
  • Tenacious: 15 (G)
    While one zombie is feeding on a dead survivor push them then let them start feeding on the same survivor again.
  • Zombrex Addict: 50 (G)
    Have 3 Zombrex boxes in your inventory.
  • I’m a Lady: 30 (G)
    Wear the womans outfit, womans hat and use the hand bag to hit a male zombie.
  • The Smell of Burning Flesh: 60 (G)
    Kill 50 zombies in one big explosion.
  • You Baby: 5 (G)
    Throw milk at one zombie.
  • Thats Mine: 20 (G)
    Steal the female survivors money suit case.
  • That Will Do: 30 (G)
    Give 2 hand bags to 2 female survivors.
  • Zombinista: 30 (G)
    Find and wear all the available clothes.

I might add more if I think of more.

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