Dead Rising 2: Off The Record has been Announced

Capcom has announced Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. This is Dead Rising 2 with photo freak Frank West, the guy from the first Dead Rising, he will be replacing Chuck Greene. Kind of strange concept for a new game when its gonna be similar, if they can smooth out the overall Dead Rising 2 experience and feature enough new content it should be worth playing through again.

Read more to see the full features list.

More Features:

  • Frank west is back – The original Dead Rising hero returns to get the scoop on the Fortune City outbreak.
  • Fortune City but not as you know it – Experience a re-interpretation of the Fortune City outbreak through the eyes and camera of photojournalist Frank West.
  • New story and missions unique to Frank West
  • New environments
  • New enemies and more psychotic Psychos
  • New crazy and hilarious combo-weapons
  • New items and vehicles
  • Say “Cheese!” – Capture those classic, violent, scary, hilarious Dead Rising moments, earn Prestige Points and complete all new missions with Frank’s new and improved camera feature.
  • Upgraded Experience – Full of technical improvements, system enhancements and feature upgrades to create a faster, smoother, more satisfying Dead Rising.

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