Updated My Xbox LIVE Apps for iOS and Android Now Available

Stereotypical friends.

Microsoft have announced that the My Xbox Live app for iPhone has been updated. The update will let users “find, learn more about, and control your favorite content from popular entertainment services on Xbox 360. You can control the content on your console with play, pause, fast forward and rewind controls directly from your iPhone.”

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Angry Birds HD Coming to Consoles

The little bird ate the eggs. Mystery solved.

Activision has announced that it’s bringing a high definition version of the highly popular and annoying pig murdering sim to consoles.

I have played the free version of Angry Birds on my phone and its good for a free game. The only real problem I got with this release is are they releasing only the first game? or will the other Angry Birds games (Seasons, Rio, Space, Magic) come included or will they be released separately some time in the future too?

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Little Empire Review (Android)

Become a King or Queen of your own kingdom.

Recently, I have been playing a lot of Little Empire, and while it does have a few technical issues, I been mostly enjoying it. I have played over the last five days now with probably around 15-20 hours played. It’s hard being a King, I am only level 8 at the moment. This is my review of Little Empire version 1.5.1 on Android.

Read more to see the full review.

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Steam Mobile Application Closed Beta has Started. Also Nine Screenshots of the Steam Application [Updated!]

All the fun of the Steam PC version on your phone!

A closed beta for Valve’s Steam mobile application (app) for iOS and Android devices launched today. The Steam application allows players to chat with friends, browse community groups, user profiles, view screenshots, and lots more.

Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve Corporation said “The Steam app comes from many direct requests from our customers,”

Read more for more information about the Steam mobile application and eight screenshots.

Update! 31/01/12: The beta is now available for all Steam users. For more information go here.

I been using this application quite a bit and its pretty good for what it aims to do. Sure you can’t check your games library and play games but anything else Steam can do on PC you can now do on your mobile. It is still in beta so some of the features don’t fully work let.

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