Little Empire Guide, Tips, Tricks and Help

Even a King or Queen needs help.

I have been playing a lot of Little Empire so I thought I should do a guide for the game. This is my guide for Little Empire on Android.

I will add more information as I play the game.

Use Ctrl+F to search the guide. For example use [DAI] to see the daily tips in Little Empire.


  • Daily Tips [DAI]

Daily Tips [DAI]

  • Press the back button on the main screen to enter the opening menu, select setting and uncheck the G-sensor to turn off auto-screen-rotations.
  • Click on the player avatar on the main screen and you can find the option to change your current password.
  • Resetting the game will clear all user information, click on the player avatar to find that option.
  • If you lost your password, you can retrieve it by going into the login menu from the opening screen.
  • Items bought from the shop will equipped automatically.
  • To switch items, check on the altar of heroes (the golden statue) and select the items panel.
  • To switch between abilities check on the altar of heroes (the golden statue) and select the ability panel.
  • If you have completed all the daily tasks, you will be rewarded with MOJOs.
  • Your hero gains honor points by slaying enemies, you can sue the honor points at the altar to raise your hero’s skills.
  • Plants that increase population will also occasionally drop resources.
  • Visit your friends and you will have the chance to collect fallen resources.
  • Visiting friends and helping them open their treasure box will help your friends get a random prize.
  • While visiting your friends, you can help speed up their productions.
  • While visiting your friends, you can help them secure their harvest.
  • You will get a free spin at the lottery altar after each period of time.
  • During the production period, no troops will be lost during battle.
  • Conquest time will vary according to different geographic locations.
  • After a successful conquest, you can collect tax from your prison regularly.
  • After a successful conquest, you can enslave the other player and demand he/she to produce resources.
  • You can check your enemy’s formation before attempting to win your castle back.
  • Retreating from a battle in the arena will count as a loss.
  • Upgrading military buildings can shorten production  time and unlock new units.
  • Upgrading gold and crystal mines can increase its production efficiency.
  • If you running out of resources, you can spend MOJOs as an alternative.
  • When setting up your formation, click on the load button to use your most recent formation.
  • The amount MOJO need to speed up production will vary according to the production time.
  • Buildings can catch fire after being occupied by an enemy. If you don’t put out fire, you will lose that building after a while.
  • The battle is lost once your castle wall is destroyed.
  • There are four types of armors: cloth armor, light armor, heavy armor and hero armor.
  • There are four types of attacks: normal attack, piercing attack, magic attack and hero attack.
  • Normal attack counters light armor, for example, footmen deal more damage to ninjas.
  • Piercing attack counters cloth armor, for example, archer deal more damage to trolls.
  • Magic attack counters heavy armor, for example, mages deal more damage to knights.
  • Hero attack counters every armor.
  • Cloth armor counters magic attack, for example, trolls suffer less damage from mages.
  • Light armor counters piercing attack, for example, footmen suffer less damage from archers.
  • Heavy armor counters normal attack, for example, knights suffer less damage from footmen.
  • Hero armor counters every on-hero attacks.
  • Items and abilities have durability levels, they need to be repaired once they worn out.
  • The durability of items and abilities decreases over time.
  • You can spend gold/crystals or MOJOs to repair your items or abilities.
  • The more MOJOs you but at a time, the better the discount.
  • The Behemoth has the most health points and defense, he can hit two enemies at a time.
  • The Berserker deals the most attack damage and has an attack range of two blocks.
  • The Succubis has the best attack range that lets her attack enemies from afar.
  • Placing your hero strategically will help stop your enemies with ease.
  • Review and learn from past battle, select the attack/defense report from the mail panel and the battle recordings will tell you everything.
  • Shattering strike is a useful ability to use when the hero is faced with melee units.
  • There are only three ability slots, use them wisely.
  • You can sell used items at the altar of shop.
  • There are ways to gain free MOJOs at the shop.
  • There is a chance to win MOJOs from the lottery.
  • Not-for-sales items can be only won through the lottery.
  • Summoning type spells can be used to reinforce you team during crucial moments.
  • Scourge of doom can be useful to efficiently damage the opponent hero.

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