Portal Knights’ Developer Unveil Enshrouded

This does not look suspicious at all.

Developer and publisher Keen Games, the makers of Minecraft like Portal Knights, have recently revealed they are making a more modern version of that game on PC.

While Portal Knights shared many elements with Minecraft, Enshrouded is similar to Portal Knights. It is an action RPG with survival, sandbox and building elements.

Like Portal Knights, the game will have multiplayer, and Enshrouded will allow up to sixteen players to play together. In Enshrouded, you fight bosses, build, and can upgrade your hero.

Only a wizard and a crack.
“I am not a coward.”
Point blank arrow shots.

I enjoyed playing Portal Knights multiplayer, so I hope Enshrouded will be a fun experience too.

If you played Portal Knights, you will know what to expect. However, this game will look better and seem more expanded upon with content and survival elements.

Enshrouded will release for Steam Early Access on PC sometime in 2023.

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