Manage Your Own Air Base in Ground of Aces

Look after your pet aeroplanes

Developer and publisher Blindflug Studios have revealed Ground of Aces, an air base-building game set during the Second World War.

In Ground of Aces you build and manage a World War II air base. It has a sandbox-style free build mode and Theatre Campaigns. These campaigns will draw upon World War II and show challenges air bases and their crews faced. For example, the time during the Battle of Britain.

Make sure your crew and airfield don’t get bombed into the ground.
Sing that song from Top Gun.
Quickly make tarp buildings.

Apparently, Ground of Aces is inspired by Rimworld and Going Medieval and history strategy games like Hearts of Iron IV. The art style is influenced by “ligne claire” style of Franco-Belgian comics. The Adventures of Tintin type of drawings.

I like how the game looks, and controlling an air base feels like a great idea for a game. A mix of Prison Architect and RimWorld during World War II seems like it could be a fun game to play. It also reminds me of Bomber Crew in certain gameplay aspects.

They currently have a Kickstarter where you can get the game and various other bonuses. I am surprised they didn’t decide to go the Early Access route.

If the game is successful, they should make DLC with a modern setting so people can live their Top Gun fantasies.

Ground of Aces should be out on PC sometime in 2024.

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