Ravenlok is Now Available

Sometimes you need to run away.

Developer and publisher Cococucumber have released Ravenlock, a fairy tale action RPG where you play as a girl in a fantasy land cursed by a Caterpillar Queen.

Ravenlok combines voxel and pixel art to make a unique and eye-catching game. The game is viewed in a third-person perspective, and you control Ravenlok, who has a sword and shield.

There are boss fights, a levelling system where you can hunt for new weapons and items to level up skills, and quests where you interact with NPC characters, such as knights made of cards, to discover their stories.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a heavy inspiration for this game. Characters and the story are influenced by it.

Ravenlok, according to others, is an average game. I haven’t tried it. I could see it being a short but enjoyable experience.

Ravenlok is now available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X. You can play it on Game Pass.

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