Wildfrost Arrives in April

Use Wombat and Nibbles to kill Vesta.

Developers Deadpan Games, Gaziter and publisher Chucklefish have announced that Wildfrost, the roguelike deck-building game, will be out in April.

In Wildfrost, your journey through the cold mountains with a card deck of companions and items to take a world back from an eternal winter.

You will notice the art style, which looks great, and I believe the game plays pretty well too.

The concept of buying cards is always weird.
Items and creatures all have a unique look.
The man here is actually blind.

Wildfrost may feel familiar to other roguelikes. Except in this game, you can recruit companions into your deck and use them in battle. There is also a town called Snowdwell which you can help to rebuild and unlock more cards and events.

The game will be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. I am looking forward to it a lot.

Wildfrost will release for Nintendo Switch and PC on 12th April 2023. A month before The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches. A demo is available on the Nintendo Switch.