The Last Worker is Available

This is the future of Amazon warehouses.

Developers Oiffy, Wolf & Wood and publisher Wired Productions have released their humourous, first-person game about a world where humans are being replaced by robots.

The art style was done with Mick McMahon from Judge Dredd and 2000 AD comic fame. The game also features a star cast from the world of film and music.

The Last Worker is a dystopian puzzle exploration game focusing on a narrative, you can play in VR, but you do not need a headset to play it. The game art style reminds me a lot of Void Bastards.

If you like futuristic stories with British humour and ideas, then you will probably enjoy The Last Worker.

The Last Worker is available on PC, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X.