Life by You is Aiming for Real-Life Sims

You can have eyes. Open eyes, closed eyes, even dark eyes.

Paradox Interactive have shown more of their recently announced The Sims-inspired game made by Paradox Tectonic. More information, images, and a video are now available.

With the success of Cities: Skylines, Paradox Interactive are once again trying to copy the success of Electronic Arts by making their own The Sims game.

In it, the developers are trying to make a more realistic take on the life simulator. Anyone familiar with The Sims will know that the characters in that game sometimes behave and act more like aliens than humans. Paradox Tectonic say they want to make one with “real language” and “freedom of expression.” Whatever that means. I suspect it means you can make your own words and change the expressions shown.

The game will try to build on the publisher’s record of making games that create endless stories, such as the Crusader Kings series. No wonder I thought Crusader Kings III felt and looked more like The Sims. As I mentioned here: Crusader Kings III Release Date, Game Information, and Thoughts.

Experience the tedium of everyday life, now digitally.
Be a French serial killer. If you really want. I won’t stop you.
Create the crack den of your dreams.

Key Features:

  • Play in an open world.
  • Expand your creativity.
  • Take direct control.
  • Tell stories through conversations.
  • Design your own world.
  • Create fully customized humans.

The game looks how the first Sims game would look if made today. It feels very Cities: Skylines-like. Sharp angles and kind of odd looking. I appreciate how it looks.

Life by You will be available on PC Steam Early Access and the Epic Games Store on 12th September 2023. The game will cost £34.99 on the Epic Games Store with no price released for Steam.