Warhammer Underworlds: Solo and Campaign Rules (1.5)

Warhammer Underworlds Rules
Rules to play a Warhammer Underworlds campaign with options for solo play.

I have been enjoying the world of Warhammer Underworlds so much that I made some solo and campaign rules for the game. The rules are simple to use and give people who like playing solo games or can’t find others to battle a chance to play while taking part in a narrative style campaign at the same time.

I have not fully tested the rules with all warbands and all possible combinations.

Read the current rules here: Warhammer Underworlds Solo & Campaign Rules 1.5 – Penumbra Path.


  • Simple to use solo rules.
  • The Underworlds Campaign that links several battles together with a unique quest battle and reward at the end.
  • Extra rules that allow games to be played without a game board. Supports a season, rivals format, and the use of hazard cards.
  • The Arena Mortis Campaign that connects several battles into a season. See how much glory you can earn in a season.
  • Fighters can earn injuries and rank up in power.
  • The Penumbra Path mode, a rogue-like dungeon crawler. See if you can survive and earn as much glory as possible.
  • Support for all warbands and future ones.
  • Includes lore for every warband.