Fourth Team Fortress 2 Scream Fortress Event is Available

Michael Jackson music not included.

Currently Valve Corporation is doing their usual Halloween inspired Scream Fortress event for the free to play shooter Team Fortress 2. It includes new undead enemies, a magician named Merasmus, new achievements, maps and much more.

The event allows players to use spells that can be used to change backpack items and summon ghosts “spells you can cast on other items in your backpack to give them new effects– shifting paint colors, ghost summoning, flaming footsteps and more!”. There is two new Team Fortress 2 Steam achievements “Wizards Never Prosper” and “A Lovely Vacation Spot” which are only available during the Scream Fortress event. You can earn “Wizards Never Prosper” by killing Merasmus, and “A Lovely Vacation Spot” by reaching Skull Island and claiming your reward.

I havent tried it out this so far this year and I always seem to miss them or not have the time but it seems like the usual fun going ons. Team Fortress 2 is a free to play game so the fact Valve Corporation still bother to do events like this is great for the fans. I love events in games.

The Fourth Annual Scream Fortress Event runs from 26th October to 8th November.

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