Animal Crossing 3DS Renamed and New Trailer

Nothing more relaxing that going sailing with a turtle.

Last week during a Nintendo Direct broadcast, the company revealed that the new name for Animal Crossing 3DS will be called Animal Crossing: New Leaf where like in other games in the series you get to hangout with crazy talking creatures.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf allow you this time around to be mayor of the town. You will be able to decorate the town, your house, and how your character looks and wears. You can swim for I think the first time and do the usual other fun activities such as fishing. You will also be able to share your outfits with friends via a the use of QR codes.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf trailer.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out in Japan soon and should be out in early 2013 everywhere else. This game like the other ones in the franchise is one of the few reasons to get the console its available for.

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