Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 2 is Available. Complete List and Nine Screenshots

Nazi saluting pigs. Who would have funk it?

Microsoft has released the second pack of Minecraft Xbox 360 skins. Its been out for a while now but I just remember. The pack includes forty-five skins from games such as Left 4 Dead all the way to Jet Force Gemini. The pack costs 160 Microsoft points which I still don’t agree with.

Skin Pack 2:

1. Enderman Man, Minecraft.
2. Pig Man, Minecraft.
3. Sheep Man, Minecraft.
4. Naked Sheep Man, Minecraft.
5. Spider Man, Minecraft.
6. General Akamoto, Skulls of the Shogun.
7. Otus, Owlboy.
8. Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy.
9. Agent Cobalt, Cobalt.
10. Zapp, Gamma Bros.
11. Buzz, Gamma Bros.
12. Glorg, Glorg.
13. The Player, Retro City Rampage.
14. Spelunky Guy, Spelunky.
15. Green Knight, Castle Crashers.
16. Orange Knight, Castle Crashers.
17. Blue Knight, Castle Crashers.
18. Red Knight, Castle Crashers.
19. Marcus Fenix, Gears of War 3.
20. Skorge, Gears of War.
21. Anya Stroud, Gears of War.
22. Damon Baird, Gears of War: Judgment.
23. Joanna Dark, Perfect Dark.
24. Joanna Dark (dress), Perfect Dark.
25. Joanna Dark, Perfect Dark Zero.
26. Elvis, Perfect Dark.
27. Juno, Jet Force Gemini.
28. Vela, Jet Force Gemini.
29. Lupus, Jet Force Gemini.
30. Horstachio, Viva Piñata.
31. Pretztail, Viva Piñata.
32. Fizzlybear, Viva Piñata.
33. Bill, Left 4 Dead.
34. Louis, Left 4 Dead.
35. Francis, Left 4 Dead.
36. Zoey, Left 4 Dead.
37. Hunter, Left 4 Dead.
38. Boomer, Left 4 Dead.
39. Witch, Left 4 Dead.
40. Agent Level 5, Crackdown 2.
41. Pilot, Cliche.
42. Sailor, Cliche.
43. Pirate, Cliche.
44. Ninja, Cliche.
45. Elf, Cliche.


(Click an iamge to see a larger verison)

This skin pack is pretty good especially the Left 4 Dead skins.

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