Some of the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 2 Skins

I am surprised Bill is allowed to smoke.

Last week Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 1 DLC was released now it looks like the Skin Pack 2 DLC will be released likely next month. With the latest DLC being added to Left 4 Dead 2 today other related Left 4 Dead things are coming out.

So far only eight skins for Skin Pack 2 have been announced. The skins are characters (survivors) from the Left 4 Dead franchise. Therefore Louis, Zoey, Bill (dipsy me) and Francis from Left 4 Dead with Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2 will be included in Skin Pack 2.

From “Not content with having Minecraft in Left 4 Dead, we are putting Left 4 Dead in Minecraft.  Next month, all 8 survivors will officially be available as characters in Minecraft for Xbox.”

I am glad that Skin Pack 2 is looking to be a better collection of skins than the first pack even if they aren’t the greatest likeness ever. I will let you know when I find out some of the more skins that will be in the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 2 DLC.

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