Path of Exile Public Stress Test This Weekend

The Templar loved himself some curry on a friday night.

For anyone who hasn’t managed to have a the Diablo II clone there will this weekend from 27th July 27 to 29th July be a Path of Exile public stress test. All beta servers will be available for public access.

More information about the public stress test can read here but below is some things you should know.

What’s the public stress test weekend for?

From “Primarily, testing to see how the Path of Exile servers run under heavy player load. Our Closed Beta is around the size we need for gameplay feedback, but we need to test to see if we can handle larger number of players in the lead-up to Open Beta. The first two weekends were a great success.”

What content is available during the weekend?

“All of the current Closed Beta content. This includes two acts repeated over four difficulties (about 69 levels worth of content), our new end-game Maps, Default and Hardcore leagues, six character classes, approximately 70 active skills, 40 support gems and hundreds of types of items. The new Act Two boss fight is included in this patch.”

What happens to my access after the weekend?

“Unless you’re already a Closed Beta tester, your access will cease when the weekend ends. Of course, now that you have a Path of Exile account, you’ll be eligible for selection into the Closed Beta. We’re planning to ramp up invitations to the Closed Beta in preparation for the Open Beta. You may find that you get permanent access soon. If you support Path of Exile by pre-purchasing microtransaction credit, you will receive Beta access.”

I haven’t played the game in months even thought I go closed beta access. The main reason is I got to the end of the Beta content and the prospect of grinding even more levels (which you can do) didn’t feel worth while when character data will likely get wiped before release. Also the game is good but there is still not much customisation in the way your characters look and a startlingly lack of content. Of course much more has been added since then.

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