Building a Minecraft Kingdom One Mined Block at a Time. Part #2 Shaping the Mud Fort Walls

Building with dirt like a savage.

I have started a new Minecraft series where I plan to build a kingdom with a castle or fort, villages and much more all by hand with no cheats, mods or other voodoo trickery. As a wise and fair King I have decided to do all the work by myself before my citizens move in. Which means they will be waiting for a while.

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I am sure many people have seen videos and pictures of wonderful things people have created in creative mode or using cheats well I am going to do something similar but every block placed has to be taken from the world i.e mined and then placed down where I want. So its going to take a while to build things. I will show my progress in pictures and describe whats happening over this long series.

Read Building a Minecraft Kingdom One Mined Block at a Time. Part #1 Founding of a Home Land for the rules.

The only thing I have changed is the game textures and I will spawn NPC villagers from eggs when I want to populate my kingdom.

Part #2 Shaping the Mud Fort Walls

I wanted to make some walls first to give me an outline so I could plan my fort layout within these walls. It make easier for a start.

Because I had so much dirt from leveling the ground I decide to use these blocks to give me temporary walls which I would eventually replace with either stone or cobblestone and it would keep me mostly safe for the time being while I building inside the fort walls.

(Click an image to see a larger version).

I then marked and made a center point for the fort main area. I used some more dirt here but I will eventually make a well or some sort of statute which people can gather around.

I then started marking the outline of some of the building with dirt which I will eventually build with stone, wood and other materials. This will me help get an overall picture of the space available and whether I need to increase the overall fort size.

After making a couple of outlines for the barracks and main palace I notice that the for is still a bit small for the other things i want to do so I decide to increase the fort on the right hand side with more first walls. This area will be the residential district which is near the first main gate to the fort.

As you can see I have made an entrance and an overall layout for the fort. The fort is now starting to take shape but I am still a long way from getting it to a more habitable state.

Join me next time as I move on to marking the rest of the building outlines and areas I want in my fort.

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