More Than Forty New Skins Coming to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Yay paying for skins that should be free!

The upcoming 1.7.3 (Beta 1.2) update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will bring some cool new features to the game. One of these will be the addition of custom skins for Steve. This means you will now be able to choose from the eight Steve skins that are in the game by default and with the release of the first Skin Pack DLC even more.

People who buy the Skin Pack 1 DLC (yeah buy) will be able to choose from more than forty additional skins. You will also be able to try out the new skins before you buy with a trial version of the Skin Pack being available. This will enable you to use some skins for free and see all the other skins in the pack.

Some of the new skins:

  • Creeper Man
  • ‘Splosion Man
  • Trials Man
  • Covenant Grunt
  • King (Bugsy me)


Click an image to see a larger version.

I knew you would have to pay for the new skins but surely they should give more for free. No price details have been announced so as long as the Skin Pack 1 DLC doesn’t cost too much I will probably get it even if will feel wrong having to pay for something that is easy to make and doesn’t technically add anything to the game, it’s a skin after all. What next paying money to change the game textures? Sheesh.

Expect more similar type of DLC in the future whether that’s a good thing or not I have yet to decide.

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