My Opinion: Final Fantasy VII PC Re-Release Announced, Trailer and Twelve Screenshots

It’s almost like he knew Final Fantasy XIII would be bad.

Today Final Fantasy VII has been confirmed for a PC re-release, with the new version including new online features such as thirty-six achievements, a “Character Booster” and cloud (get it) saving.

Final Fantasy VII is coming to PC again and can be seen here.

No release date or price has been announced but more information will made available “within the next 24 hours.”




Optimized for PC: “Play FINAL FANTASY VII on the latest hardware.”

Achievements: “Whether you’re a seasoned FINAL FANTASY VII veteran or exploring this RPG classic for the very first time, show off your in-game accomplishments and put your gaming skills to the test with 36 brand new achievements to unlock. Share your profile with friends online to find out who is the ultimate FINAL FANTASY fan.”

The Character Booster: “Find yourself stuck on a difficult section or lacking the funds to buy that vital Phoenix Down? With the Character Booster you can increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button, leaving you to enjoy your adventure.”

Cloud Saves: “Whether you’re away from home or simply using a different computer to play, enjoy FINAL FANTASY VII wherever you are. With cloud save support in FINAL FANTASY VII you can continue your game progress right where you left off, all you need is an internet connection.” says the site.

Minimum specs are:

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
  • 2GHz Processor or faster
  • 1GB RAM
  • DirectX 9-compatible graphic card

The new PC version of Final Fantasy VII will be released “soon,” and will be available only through the Square Enix store.

A Final Fantasy VII remake has been rumoured and wanted by many fans. With Square president Yoichi Wada however recently saying the project could kill the franchise.


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My thoughts:

It’s good they are making Final Fantasy VII available again for people who might of missed it the first time around of for the die-hard fans who want to play it again with a few new features. However Its not a complete remake it will likely look similar to the orignal PlayStation and PC but with maybe a so-called HD make over (which doesn’t count). All the old versions can be bought cheaply now a days such as from the PlayStation Store. I have played several of the old Final Fantasy games on my PSP a while back.

I think they shouldn’t bother releasing the remake unless it’s a complete visual and graphical remake or/and have more features. Who cares if has cloud saving and achievements that’s something a patch could have added if it was a recent game not something you highlight as a main feature and why the game will be worth buying.

All this release will likely do is disappoint the fans and bring more pressure on Square Enix themselves with new calls for a remake. They will say to Square Enix “You released it again on the PC with a few new features so isn’t it time for that complete remake which has been rumored and teased for years?” This will happen even more if the new release is even mildly successful.

From “An enhanced remake for the PlayStation 3 has been rumored since 2005, though Square Enix has formally stated no such product is in development.”

My advice don’t buy it unless it has more going for it than three new features or you have never played it before. However if that’s the case buy it on the PlayStation Store or on PC for a few pounds instead the £20 or more you will likely have to pay for the new version. You could even try out Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII which is pretty good spin of game for the PSP. There is plenty of alternatives don’t get suckered into giving your hard-earned cash on a blatant cash in by Square Enix. They have also got that Nintendo 3DS game out soon “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy” which I wouldn’t be surprise is why they announced a remake of Final Fantasy VII. I might being a bit harsh on Square Enix here but that’s what is happening.

Why release Final Fantasy VII again on PC? Who knows?

Also finally, Final Fantasy VI, IX and XII are the best. Of course all Final Fantasy games have their good and bad points but generally end up being good but those are the greatest, I’m sure some wont agree but that’s why its my opinion.

What do you think?

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