Minecraft Survival Diary, Day #4/4: I Push up the Daisies

Hello I am King Toko and welcome to my Minecraft Diary. With the popularity of Minecraft and because I only just bought the game recently, I thought it be fun to do a regular diary based on my ongoing adventures and tribulations in the randomly created world I decided to call Avalon. I chose this name for no obvious reason just randomly.

My diary days will be based on Minecraft’s in-game days and I will try to keep the writing to a minimum, to keep up the pace.

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Other important information; I am playing alone and on the hardest difficulty. If I die that’s it, game over and the world gets nuked. Also I am not using any texture packs, skins or mods so the game will be played how intended, untouched.

One final note I’m no Minecraft veteran but I know enough.

Day 4/4

It starts to rain as day breaks.

I eat three uncooked pork chops.

I open the front door to see if the hut is clear outside.


A creeper blows up in my face at the front door. For feck sake I just ate.

Look at that mess. I’m going to have repair all this now.

The rain isn’t going to help the repair job. Poor Fido’s getting soaked.

I think a redesign of the hut is in order.

I should chop these wooden walls up, that should speed up the process.

I hope I have enough resources for my hut redesign.

Damn rain.

Cobblestone walls should look good for now. Fido doesn’t look impressed. These walls defy the rules of physics, just the way I like it.

A cobblestone wall and wood roof should do a good job of keeping me dry and not in pieces.

I don’t think I’m gonna have enough wood, damn it. I made my hut too big.

I can’t redo it now, not enough time.

Great I got a massive gap in the wall and roof and its pitch black already.

I use some more cobblestone and Fido to fill the gaps.

“Fido sit”

When it gets light again I will look for some food and resources, I am going to stay inside.

Zombies all over the place luckily I should be safe inside.

“Whats that noise?, go look around Fido”


For feck sake not again!

I died from another creeper that got in while I wasnt looking. The blast ends my short-lived adventure in Avalon. Fido is left alone in the wild to turn feral, while I go on to feed the zombies, Fido and the spiders. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I thought I survive longer than this.

Game over! The End.

Hardcore Survival Analyse


  • I found and befriended a wolf companion.
  • I made a quite a few of the different tools.
  • I made ladders and doors.
  • I survived for nearly more than four days.
  • I made a boat.


  • I made two bad huts.
  • I wasted a day and a half digging in a mountain and found nothing useful.
  • I never found any coal or any other minerals.
  • I died quite easily.
  • I didn’t have enough food.
  • I should have been more offensive and not try to stay hidden in a poorly made hut.

Rating: C

I hope you all enjoyed reading my short-lived adventure in Avalon.

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