The Team Fortress 2 Pyromania Update Arrives Tomorrow

Feel the heat.

The Pyromania Update will be available tomorrow which will feature all the things that have and will be mention over on the Team Fortress site. Such as new items sets, game modes, maps and finally the Meet the Pyro video.

From “Day One of Pyromania reveals Doomsday, a new map with a brand new game mode that lets you relive one of the darkest days in TF history. It’s all pretty heart wrenching, until you discover you’ll get achievements, which are also detailed in today’s update.”

“We’ve also only got one more day until Pyromania goes live, exploding into a fireball of new item sets, a new game mode, and of course, Meet the Pyro.”

I cant wait to see the Meet the Pyro video seeing as Pyro is my favorite character. The only problem is I havent played the game since before the Engineer update and definitely not since it went free to play. I don’t think I will be coming back even thought it’s a great game and all.

Team Fortress 2 went free to play which means anyone can try out the game for free over on Steam but be ready to buy some hats.

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